16 February 2010

baltimore was fun. blood seemed to be a reoccuring theme. show with acid reflux, social circkle, and unfun is one week from today.

our dear friend and internet celebrity zed cutesinger (not a typo) interviewed our percussionist chris ******. it can be found here.

01 February 2010

we have some shows coming up:
to celebrate saint valentine and his contribution to mankind via the romantic comedy film we are playing in the most romantic place in the world: baltimore, maryland on february 13th with cloak/dagger, night birds, dry spell, and animal poison.
acid reflux is coming to town on the 23rd of February the show is at 538 johnson, apt 210. show is with social circkle and unfun.
we are then playing two dates on raw nerve's spring break tour, one at 538 johnson, apt 201 brooklyn, ny on march 21st and then in new brunswick, nj on march 25th. both dates are with vaccine and the 21st is with sqrm and confines.
the weekend of april 9-11th we are going out for a three day tryst with the men. april 9th in albany with acid reflux, we can only hope that it has as much violence as our last stop in albany this summer. then we are playing the record hospital fest in boston on the 10th with drunkdriver and others. we are in the process of booking the last date and it looks like western massachusetts. I-90 here we come.

recording later this month, hopefully out before summer.